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rider instruction

Megan is dedicated to helping students reach their individual goals, and to providing a system that is

personalized so that each rider has the tools required to be successful in their own journey.

About Megan's coaching

Megan believes that coaching isn't all about riding. Providing guidance and knowledge in all aspects required to be a competitive rider as well as a knowledgeable horse owner is key to having a good coaching program. She believes that good horsemanship skills are equally as important as show ring success. Caring for your horse and understanding the ins-and-outs of building a relationship with your horse are crucial and helps create a more well-rounded and successful rider. 

Megan is available for coaching at our home base in Granbury, Texas and has experience coaching students up to the 3*L level. Seeing growth in both rider and horse is Megan's favorite part of coaching, and she really enjoys sharing in the joy when different aspects of riding "click" for horse and rider. 

Beyond instruction at home, Megan is also a great resource to have at shows. With her extensive show background and level-headed demeanor, she can provide great insight for warm-ups, course walks, and show strategy

The goal for the end of each lesson is for riders to have a more holistic understanding of the concepts covered in that session. Whether it be learning how to find a distance, relaxation, rhythm, straightness, or connection with their horse, her goal is to help her students grow in their overall horsemanship and riding abilities. 

Megan only takes a few students at a time to ensure that each horse and rider combination gets the best coaching she can offer. If you are interested in Megan's coaching services, please contact her using the form below.

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