Meet Megan

Upper Level Event Rider & Owner of Classics Eventing

Megan was born in Phoenix, AZ but moved to Keller, TX when she was 10, where she started competing in local 4H shows until she was 14. At that time, she changed paths and decided three day eventing was the sport she wanted to pursue. When she started training at Gold Chip Stables, Megan quickly realized that eventing was her calling. She realized that the sport of eventing was built from people with an enormous amount of grit and determination, and if you wanted to be a true eventer you had to work hard for what you wanted. So that's what she did.

At age 16 she became a working student for Heather Morris, and at the age of 17 she made the NAJYRC team with her horse she got out of a field as a broodmare. When Megan turned 18, she moved to California to be a working student for Tamie Smith. Under Tamie’s guidance, she worked hard to be the best she could be, improving her riding and her training skills.  

Megan began her journey to find her next horse that would take her up the levels. Mo came from an unlikely source, from renowned dressage trainer, Stefan Peters. Mo took to eventing so well! The pair swiftly moved up the levels taking many top placings. Megan and Mo have a bright future with hopefully many more top finishes in sight. 

When people say "it takes a village" they are not lying. Through Megan's eventing career she has been blessed with an amazing support system that has made her accomplishments that much sweeter. Megan's direct family and her barn family have truly shaped her career into what it is today. As Megan develops her riding career and adds more horses to her line-up, she continues to meet many influential people that impact her life in such a positive way. Megan is excited to take on the sport of eventing every day for years to come and put the same amount of effort and grit into this career as she did as a young girl with a passion for horses and a fire in her belly!


Career Highlights

Competing at the 4* Level
2021 U25 List Maker
2020 U25 List Maker
2019 7th Place Fair Hill 3L

2019 2nd Place Rebecca Farm 3L
2019 Twin Rivers Intermediate Winner
2019 Rebecca Farm CCI2*-L Winner
2018 Galway Downs CCI2*-L Top 10

2014 American Eventing Championships Preliminary Winner
2014 Area V North American Junior Young Rider Championships

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10 yr old Oldenburg

Competing at the Advanced level

Owned by Double Down Syndicate

I bought him as a 7 year old after he wasn’t going to make it as a strictly dressage horse. He took to jumping so well and it has been really cool moving him up through the levels and seeing him love the sport of eventing more everyday. He has a very grumpy old man personality, but is the coolest horse I have ever gotten to ride and I am so thankful to have a horse that has given me so much confidence especially on the cross country.

Tenny Megan Sykes and Classics Eventing.

Tennessee Whiskey "Tenny"

Recently imported mare

Owned by Double Down Syndicate

Megan, Brian, and Kaylynn found Tenny in Germany after a trip to search for the right horse!

She has been settling in nicely to Megan's program and everyone is incredibly excited for her future!