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Clinic Services

Megan is available for clinics nationwide! She welcomes all levels of riders who are interested in improving their riding.


Clinic Information

In her eventing clinics Megan clearly explains her training philosophy and guides riders through personalized movements and exercises designed to create the best learning opportunity for each pair.

Participants will get to work through all three phases of eventing and receive the assistance they need to help improve their riding and their horses. Megan also encourages auditors to attend her clinics so that everyone has a chance to watch, learn, and grow. 


During clinic sessions, Megan strives to provide feedback to each rider in perhaps a different way than they have heard before. She enjoys seeing her pupils start to understand a concept that was previously challenging to them, and watching riders push themselves to learn something new.

If you’re interested in booking or hosting a clinic with Megan, please contact her by filling out the form below.

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