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About horse training with megan

Megan believes horses thrive in a relaxed and consistent environment. Horses in training at Classics Eventing learn all aspects of the sport of eventing within a personalized and focused training program, tailored to fit their needs. 

Whether your horse is at home with us in Granbury, TX or traveling with Megan from show to show, Megan takes great pride in ensuring that each horse is cared for with the utmost detail. She enjoys working with many different types of horses, including young horses, amateur horses, or upper-level prospects. Training teach horse to be the best it can be under saddle is very important, but Megan also strongly believes that riding can't improve without a good base to start with. 

Horsemanship is very important for all the horses in our program. Making sure that the horse has a good understanding of ground work, manners, and boundaries is the first step in creating a relationship with a horse so that its ready and willing to learn. Whatever your goals are for your horse, Megan's training program can improve the knowledge and foundation of your horse so that it can fulfill its highest potential. 

Horses in training at Classics Eventing are boarded at our top-notch facility in Granbury, TX.  

If you are interested in training services, please contact Megan using the form below. We look forward to working with you!

the dynamic team that produces competitive horses

When you choose to work with Megan, you also get the benefit of working with her amazing team. Megan highlights the foundation of that team with her very talented husband Reed Sykes and his Natural Horsemanship Training and Colt Starting business, Devout Horsemanship. 


Megan and her husband Reed have developed over many years what they both believe is the correct balance in their horsemanship practices. This development is designed to create a rock-solid foundation that gives each horse the balance, patience, and discipline needed for the demands of life as a top sporthorse, while also providing the owner true enjoyment in their equine partner. That foundation is designed to be utilized whether it is in the show ring, in the barn, or out on a good hack.

Megan also believes that this concept of developing the horse correctly and achieving these key fundamentals has given her a competitive edge, due to the deeper understanding and trust with her horses. Classics Eventing hopes to pass these fundamentals along to all that work with Megan and receive the benefits of this great partnership developed by Megan and Reed Sykes. 

devout horsemanship
About Reed Sykes 

Reed graduated from Sam Houston State in 2008, at which point he decided to get serious about his riding and began following Buck Brannaman. This led him to many other great horsemen including Pat Puckett, Joe Wolter, and Peter Cambell. These horsemen have helped open his eyes to the ways of the horse and how to communicate with them on a deeper level. 

Reed's Training Philosophy

Reed believes in having patience with every horse and knows it can't all be done in one day. As he often says, "the horse has no concept of time nor money" and doesn't believe in using the latest gimmick or bit to hurry a horse into compliance. Reed believes everything we can do with a horse has already been figured out, right and wrong, through extensive studying of not only western horsemanship but many other disciplines. 


Reed's ultimate goal is a partnership with the horse... "listen to the horse, he will tell you.". He feels that success is being able to have his horses perform to a high level while staying sound in both their body and mind. His training objective is to teach a horse in such a way that it can easily perform in a multitude of jobs and disciplines. 

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Devout Horsemanship Services:


Colt Starting

For a horse that is ready to be started under saddle.

Horsemanship 1

For a green rider or green horse. Participants will be put through a variety of basic maneuvers.


Horsemanship 2

For the more advanced rider or horse that is wanting to take the next step with their horsemanship. 

Problem Solving

For Horses that have issues. Including but not limited to loading in the trailer, standing tied, standing still to mount, etc.


To find out more about Devout Horsemanship or services Reed Sykes can offer:

Instagram: @devout_horsemanship

Facebook: Devout Horsemanship

Phone Number: 432-288-0266

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