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Summer Update From Megan

While the last month or so hasn’t gone quite according to plan for Megan she still has a lot to look forward to. She will be the first to admit that sometimes it is hard to have her horses in California and herself in Texas but she is looking forward to being back on the 14th of June to get back in the saddle and prep for the Twin Rivers Horse Trials. She is excited to reunite with all of her horses and get back to riding Classic’s Mojah, Mo.  Twin will be her last run before she heads to Rebecca Farm in Montana to tackle her first CCI3*-L with Mo.

While Mo has been going great, sadly Stella tore her meniscus so she is out of commission for a bit and Megan’s other ride, Penny, is getting over a colic sidelining her for a bit. It is quite the summer but Megan is looking forward to giving them the best recovery possible and ensuring they are feeling 110% before they come back from vacation. In the meantime, Mo is excited to have all the attention back on him. He has a big summer ahead!

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